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Short list of sources for pictograms

If you create your own therapy material, you will surely always lack meaningful images.

In speech therapy, pictures must be as prototypical as possible, must not be too colorful, and must focus on the object. Pictograms are therefore usually particularly suitable.

Here are two websites we found, where you can get good material: good, recognizable pictograms for countless objects, feelings, situations. All licensed under (cc) Creative Commons, so you can share the material you created with these pictograms with us without hesitation.

So, the links:

  • Sclera Pictos
    The site is a bit confusing, but with a little patience you can find good pictures for logopedic worksheets there.
    Symbols for communication.
If you use pictures for your therapy material, please remember: you are not allowed to use copyrighted material just like that!