Our Rules

Our code and rules for your behavior to make and keep slps.tools a friendly and collaborative place.

  1. 1 I recognize the license.

    The therapy material on speechtherapy.tools is licensed under the (cc) Creative Commons by-sa. This means you may ...

    • reproduce, distribute and publicly perform the therapy material.
    • modify the therapy material.
    • use the therapy material commercially.

    Under the following conditions:

    • The name of the author and the copyright holder must be mentioned.
    • Remixes and own works created on the basis of the therapy material, must be released under the same conditions.
  2. 2 I write constructive feedback.

    The feedback on slps.tools is our currency. With your feedback you motivate our authors to continue sharing great therapy material with you. The more constructive your criticism, the better it will be received. The following rules apply to feedback:

    • Your feedback must relate to the therapy material in question.
    • Your feedback should be worded in a friendly manner, even if it contains criticism.
    • Describe your experiences using the therapy material in question. This assumes that you have already tried it!
    • If you do not like a therapy material, then briefly describe why not, so that our authors have the opportunity to improve their work.
    • If you like the therapy material, you are welcome to simply "Thank you".
  3. 3 I will not spam other members.

    In many areas on slps.tools there is the possibility to interact with the other members. These are especially the feedback and the possibility to write internal messages. Please do not use these tools to bother others with spam and inappropriate content, questions and tips.

    What do we consider spam?

    • Utilizing Likes, Favorites and Collections to draw attention to your own profile or your own therapy material.
    • Linking to websites or your own therapy material in the feedbacks.
    • Bbegging for likes.
    • Offering products and services outside of slps.tools in feedback or messages.
    • Retweeting therapy material that does not relate to the therapy material in question or is devoid of content.

    If you notice a member who is not abiding by these rules, please contact us.

  4. 4 I only offer therapy material that I have designed.

    Share only therapy material that you have created yourself.

    • Do not share therapy material that others have created.
    • Do not share therapy material that others have invented.
    • Do not share therapy material for which others hold the copyright.
    • Do not share therapy material for which others hold the trademark rights.
  5. 5 I do not offer inappropriate therapy material.

    slps.tools is an open, free community that values equal cooperation. Do not share therapy material that falls into the following categories:

    • Illegal
    • Pornography, depictions of violence, or other content with sexual innuendo
    • Racist, homophobic, or otherwise offensive
    • Shocking, obscene, or promoting violence
    • Insulting, derogatory, or intended to injure others

    If your therapy material contains inappropriate content, we reserve the right not to publish or to subsequently remove your therapy material. slps.tools has the final say on what is inappropriate.

    If you repeatedly behave inappropriately or upload inappropriate therapy material, we will block or also delete your access and exclude you permanently from slps.tools.

  6. 6 I recognize the works of others.

    If you have been inspired by other therapy materials in the design of your therapy material, acknowledge that. The least you should do is credit the author in the description of your material. It is better and fairer to state in the description which therapy material was the basis for your work. We will link such remixes accordingly.

    The use of images is a very difficult issue. You may not simply use images from Google or Bing image search for your therapy material. To prevent harm to yourself, you must be very careful about what images you use. In our tips we have provided a few sources for freely usable images.

    As a simple rule of thumb: If you found the image on Google, you will not be allowed to use it 99% of the time.!


Specifies your profession

Let others know your professional motivation for using slps.tools.

Describe yourself

Describe yourself in a short text so that others may get to know you a little.

Discover therapy material

The specific search does not always lead to the goal. Let yourself be inspired by Therapiemats.

Write feedback

If you loaded and used therapy materials, write feedback or say thank you.

As Author

Be interesting

From the first page of your therapy material we will make the preview. Design it!

Assign keywords

When uploading, you must specify topics and tags for your therapy material. Familiarize yourself with the available topics!

About slps.tools

On slps.tools you will find therapy material for speech therapy. We explicitly address speech therapists and similar professional groups.

Nevertheless, slps.tools is open for everyone. So also teachers can register and load therapy material. Even patients are invited.