To offer your therapy mats with us, there are a few requirements to meet. But don't panic, it's very simple.

  1. 1 Your idea, your work

    The therapy material must be yours. You must have thought it up and created it!

  2. 2 Respect the rights of third parties

    All parts of your therapy material - especially visuals - must not belong to others.


If you want to upload your therapy material, then make it a PDF. You can choose this file format in almost all programs like Word or Pages via File > Export. Or you use the print dialog of your computer and select "Create PDF file" or similar as printer. Then you have a PDF file that you can upload to us.

By the way, we create the preview image from the first page. So if you want to include a real eye-catcher, then on the first page!

When uploading, you must add a description of your therapy material. We strongly encourage you to do this. This description should explain your therapy material. Yes, a lot of things are self-explanatory and actually the other speech therapists should know how it works. But: if someone searches us for "sigmatism", your therapy material will only be found if it says sigmatism in the title or description. So please always write a detailed description. Also, because sometimes patients themselves search us for therapy mats and for them it is doubly helpful.

Important information

That's not quite true about being found. We still have the topics and keywords! These you must assign mandatory.

With the information about topics you are completely free and can also add topics - which did not exist before. But for the others you have to stick to our default. So specify for which focus (speech, articulation, etc.), which age group and in what kind your therapy material fits. Of course, you can choose more than one from the list at a time if a therapy material is designed for children and adults, for example. But don't make it too complicated. Miscellaneous at the focus is exclusive, by the way. If you put your material there, everything else in that area will fly out when you publish it. Language + articulation + miscellaneous does not work. Feel free to give some thought to the sorting. This will help others to find your therapy material and you to be found - only those who are found will get feedback.


Specifies your profession

Let others know your professional motivation for using

Describe yourself

Describe yourself in a short text so that others may get to know you a little.

Offer therapy mats

Be interesting

From the first page of your therapy material we will make the preview. Design it!

Assign keywords

When uploading, you must specify topics and tags for your therapy material. Familiarize yourself with the available topics!

Share your therapy materials with others!

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