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Here you will find therapy material for the various disorders of speech therapy, created by therapists and developed specifically for therapy. The best thing about it: The therapy material is free of charge. However, we would like you to write a feedback about the therapy mats you have tried.

That’s what wants to be

We think that there is a lot of therapy material for speech therapists on the market. But we also know that equally great materials are regularly created by ourselves. This is the material we pay attention to. True to our motto, “I’ve got something you’re still looking for!”

If you use your self-created therapy material for speech therapy only for yourself, you will get little feedback of a professional nature, no feedback from therapists, and thus only a very limited impression of how effective your therapy material is in use. And this is where we come in. Feedback tells you where the weaknesses and strengths of your materials are, how other patients have coped with them, and where you can make improvements and optimizations. And if you can ultimately make your therapy materials more effective, your therapy will certainly be more effective in the future.

So feedback is the big plus of our offer. And they are our currency. Here you can get therapy material for speech therapy in exchange for feedback.

Target group

You can never have enough therapy mats. But this is especially true for the speech therapy practice. explicitly addresses speech therapists (and comparable professional groups). We are aware that the therapy mats are also used by non-specialist professional groups. However, we would like to point out very clearly that the meaningful use of our Therapiemats is guaranteed exclusively by speech therapists. The treatment of speech, language, voice, swallowing and communication disorders is a logopaedic task and cannot be carried out casually with our therapy mats. As educators, relatives, caregivers, please be sure to discuss the use with a speech therapist.

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